Redeeming Vows Review
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In Redeeming Vows, the third and final book in author Catherine Bybee’s MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy, the Druid witches are trapped in 16th century Scotland until they can gather six enchanted stones and destroy Grainna—an evil witch who has been wrecking havoc on the countryside. Only then can they return home to their own time period.

Elizabeth MacCoinniche McAllister is anxious to put an end to Grainna and go back to present-day California with her son, Simon. But the Druid witches don’t dare do magic where they can be seen by superstitious villagers.

Though all of the witches can perform all types of magic, each has her own special gift. Elizabeth controls fire—though she’s not reached her full potential. Her son, Simon, can commune with animals and see through their eyes. Then there’s Finlay—a Celt who infuriates her to anger, yet brings out her deepest desires. He also controls fire.

Finlay MacCoinnich belongs to the 16th century, but he knows of those from the future, and he’s in love with Elizabeth. He vows to help the witches destroy Grainna, so his people can live in peace. Then he can look to a future that includes Elizabeth—if she’ll have him.

Redeeming Vows takes readers on a journey that’s steeped in dangerous magic and breath-taking suspense. At the center is a passionate love story between Elizabeth and Finlay—two people with the courage and spirit to take on the evil that could be the end of them. Elizabeth is an independent woman with a mind of her own in a time-period where this isn’t the norm, but she handles it well, without going out of her way to alienate those around her. Finlay, meanwhile, isn’t controlling with the woman he loves—though he could be, given his time-period—but neither does he give Elizabeth merit where none is earned.

Redeeming Vows can stand alone as a story, and it won’t confuse the reader if, like me, they’ve not read the first two books in the trilogy. Still, it would be a good idea to start from the beginning, so you can better understand the characters and how they got where they are.

Ms. Bybee is a wonderful author of time travel novels, and the vivid imagination that she’s infused throughout Redeeming Vows sets her above the rest. I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books in the MacCoinniche Trilogy.

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