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Spring: it’s a time for new beginnings—for fresh starts. It’s a time for spring cleaning—for cleaning out the cobwebs of winter and letting in the warmth and sunshine of the new season. And, while you’re busy tossing out the old, it’s also the perfect time to haul out your sewing machine and update your house with some of the simple sewing projects featured in Sew Decorative.

Sew Decorative features 24 home décor projects that will brighten, spruce up, and add personality to any room in your house—from the dining room to the bedroom. It could be a small change—like a set of bright, colorful potholders or a throw pillow to add some color to your plain old couch. Or it could be something more noticeable—like a new set of curtains for your bedroom or a big, comfy beanbag for your TV room. But, whatever your home décor style may be, the projects included in this collection are sure to give a new little boost to your existing furniture and accessories.

As you might expect from a book that boasts “quick and easy” projects for the home, Sew Decorative is pretty heavy on pillow patterns. In fact, there’s a whole section (offering numerous variations on nine different styles) dedicated to nothing but pillows: buttoned pillows, round pillows, cube-shaped pillows, and pillows with a chopstick closure (probably best not to lounge against that one!). Fortunately, most of the patterns featured are more than just the same old pillow pattern—with different shapes, different embellishments, and different techniques to learn. For inexperienced sewers, projects like these provide a good way to practice new skills—but more experienced sewers might find these patterns unnecessary.

There are, however, plenty of other, more unexpected projects to make the book worthwhile. You’ll find suggestions for embellishing a simple lampshade—or adding some interest to plain old bed sheets. You can make a clever hanging lamp using a yard of silk and some copper wire. Or you can use those old ties that you just cleaned out of your husband’s closet (or, if you prefer, you can buy them at Goodwill) to make an eye-catching table runner. My favorite projects, though, are the placements. From quilted patchwork placemats to sophisticated tucked placemats, these small projects will make a big difference in any dining room.

From beginners to old pros, whether your style is classy or casual, you’re sure to find some ideas and inspiration from the home décor projects in Sew Decorative.

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