Gideonís Sword Review
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Gideonís Sword is a departure from the paranormal work of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and Iím not sure I like it as well. Oh, itís still a good thriller, but you canít bump into a bookshelf without knocking off a bunch of thrillers. That said, though, while I prefer their paranormal fair, I would still read another Gideon Crew thrillerósimply because I just happen to love thrillers, too. Itíll just take some getting used to, coming from Preston and Child.

When Gideon Crew was a boy, he watched the police gun down his father because they thought him to be a traitor to his country. Years later, his mother confesses what really happened and begs Gideon to avenge his fatherís death. Gideon pulls off his revenge with a meticulous plan that wows someone whoís watching in the shadows.

Caught in a treacherous web that started with his fatherís vengeance, Crew goes after plans for a major new weapon, and he suddenly finds himself in more danger than he could have ever imagined. He canít trust anyone, and an assassin dogs his every step. With no special trainingójust a remarkable ability to lie his way through any situationóhe might come out of the mission alive. Maybe.

Gideon Crew is what youíd call an average guy who gets thrown into situations that most people could never handle. Plus, heís extremely lucky, in the sense that he can extract himself from a volatile scenario without ending up dead. Heís also a resourceful character with a James Bond complex. In some ways, though, Gideon is a ho-hum characteróneither good nor particularly badóand, sometimes, he just seems to get lost in the crowd.

Gideonís Sword smacks a little of fringe science, giving the plot a precision-sharp edge. The story winds up like a snowball let loose down a ski slope, and the thrills and suspense keep building the closer it rolls toward the bottom. Eventually, it explodes in a shower of pulse-pounding action, bringing it to a grade-A prime conclusion.

Though Gideonís Sword disappointed me a little because it wasnít Preston and Childís usual fair, itís sure to delight readers who are new to these authors, as well as those die-hard thrill-seekers (like me) who want cutting-edge suspense wrapped around a unique plotóbecause Gideonís Sword has tons of that. So you might just want to check it out.

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