Recovery Review
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Two years ago, Nicci Beauvoir lost her boyfriend, David Alexander, to murder. He died under mysterious circumstances and his case is still unsolved.

After a short stint in New York on a book tour, Nicci returns to New Orleans with a new lover, Dallas August, a corporate spy with a few secrets up his sleeve. Or at least that’s what they want the rest of the post-Katrina Big Easy to think—especially David’s killer. In order to flush out a cunning murderer, they must pose as a couple, which isn’t an easy thing to do, since they don’t particularly like each other.

When Dallas starts asking questions about David, Nicci’s friends and family start getting suspicious of his true motives—because David wasn’t exactly who he said he was, either. One thing is certain; they stir up a whole lot of trouble as the suspect list grows long, and the guilty one begins to panic.

As the attraction grows between Dallas and Nicci, the danger mounts, and they hatch an elaborate plan to draw David’s killer out in the open. All they have to do is stay alive long enough to bring him down.

I haven’t seen such solid sexual tension between a hero and heroine in a long, long time. It actually reminded me of why I used to love romances in the first place. Nicci and Dallas are electrifying on the pages of this first-rate romantic mystery. Their relationship is just as suspenseful as the plot, making Recovery a very satisfying read from every facet.

Dallas is a man’s man. He doesn’t let his emotions show, but he manages not to come off sounding cold and unlikable. Instead, you’ll find yourself wanting to break through that tough exterior and unwrap the mystery that lies beneath.

Nicci is a deep-south gal with a clear head and subtle sarcastic charm. She’s not a stereotypical southern character, and, for that, I thank the author. With a light touch of drollness, Nicci zings you with memorable observations that’ll make you laugh out loud. I love the fact that she’s a mixture of feminine and tough—and she’s nobody’s fool.

From its captivating setting to its standout characters to its flowing prose, Recovery is an all-around great read—one that deserves to be at the top of best-seller lists. If this novel is any indication, Ms. Weis will go far—and I plan on being right there from the beginning with this fine new talent.

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