Pengoloo Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 4+)
Playing Time: 10-15 minutes

You and your little ones will flock together for a chance to play Pengoloo. The game play is simple, yet it will challenge and stimulate young children while they have a blast.

Pengoloo is a cute and colorful matching game. There is a collection of penguin playing pieces in the middle of the play area, each of which has a colored egg tucked inside. Once their eggs are hidden from view, the pieces are mixed up on the playing surface. Each player rolls the colored dice and must then try to find the colored eggs under the penguins that match the dice. The basic idea of the game is to be the first player to collect a total of six penguins with their eggs in order to win the game.

This game is especially great for preschoolers. Children will practice matching colors as they play, and since players must rely on memory to find the correct colored eggs, it’s an excellent way to build memory retention skills. The score board also doubles as a basic counting tool. It’s shaped like a long iceberg, with numbered spots to place each penguin and his egg (up to six—the winning total).

While there is a small variation to game play to make it more advanced, children beyond the preschool or kindergarten age groups may not return for continued play as often as their younger opponents. It would have been nice to see more variations on game play to keep it more exciting and interesting for older children, but little ones will enjoy the simple rules and play.

The only thing that’s truly missing from this game was a chance to educate children about penguins. Nothing extravagant—but a small fact sheet or some trivia printed on the back of the packaging would have been a great opportunity to teach children about penguins. For example: why do penguins hold their eggs with their feet? Just a few simple, fun facts to spark their interest and imagination would have been a plus.

The short playing time of this game is great—especially for busy families on the go. Since there is no formal game board, Pengoloo is incredible portable, too. Parents can easily slip the pieces into a bag and take the game on a trip—a great bonus feature.

Blue Orange continues its track record of producing solidly constructed wooden games with Pengoloo, yet another durable and green game in their fun and educating collection. Overall, Pengoloo is a cute game, which will delight young children while helping their minds to grow.

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