The Priest’s Graveyard Review
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As a boy, growing up in Bosnia during a catastrophic war, Danny Hansen witnessed the death of his mother and two sisters. Now a young man, he immigrates to the United States and joins the priesthood. He’s also something else—some people would call him a vigilante, others a criminal, and still others an enemy of society. Danny thinks he’s doing a service by executing the lowest scum of humanity—that is, if they don’t repent and promise to sin no more.

A child of the streets, Renee Gilmore gets hooked on drugs and ends up near death—until she’s rescued by a man who lives in a glass house. He’s good to her—then, one day, he disappears. Now Renee is out for vengeance, and she doesn’t care who she has to become in order to get restitution for her rescuer.

Danny and Renee’s paths cross, and they set out on a treacherous road, where the lines of judgment become blurred. Danny suddenly begins to question his methods, but it might already be too late to save him or Renee from a heart full of anger.

Wow—The Priest’s Graveyard is a disturbing and twisted read, just because of who one of the characters is. As the end approached, all I could think was, Man, that’s messed up! Yet I was equally delighted by such a warped plot that will draw you in and make you think about judgment and who has the authority to wield it.

Though Danny has no right to act as judge, jury, and executioner, his reasoning is understandable, and you simply cannot dislike him for it—especially if, like me, you might find yourself agreeing with his logic. He’s the Dexter of the priesthood—but, unlike Dexter, Danny’s genuine desire is to help victims and rid the world of terrible men, so no one will have to suffer as he did in Bosnia.

Renee is just a sad, tragic character—a true victim of this oftentimes cruel world. Broken and abandoned, she survives by focusing on revenge, yet she does it in such a sweet and innocent way. Your heart will ache for her, even as she’s taking a wrong turn down a path of destruction. She’ll also frustrate you to craziness, because she’s not seeing things clearly, but it’s not about liking her character; it’s about understanding her psyche.

The Priest’s Graveyard is a shocker of a thriller with an unexpected twist that will blow your mind. This novel will linger for days after you’ve closed the book at the end—and, when you finish, you just might find yourself being a little less judgmental of those around you. It’s a great read that you’ll kick yourself for missing.

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