The Restorer Review
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Finally—a ghost story that scares me down to my toes! The Restorer brings back the old-fashioned creepiness of a good ghost tale—and it takes place in one of my favorite haunts: a graveyard.

From the moment that Amelia Gray turned nine and saw her first ghost, her papa set down the rules that she must follow in order to protect herself: never acknowledge the dead; never stray far from hallowed ground; never associate with those who are haunted; and never, ever, tempt fate. Ghosts seek what they don’t have—our warmth and energy—and they’ll feed off a person until nothing but a shell remains.

Now, Amelia travels the South, restoring old and abandoned cemeteries to their former glory. This time, she finds herself in Charleston, South Carolina, working on a project that could take years to complete.

It’s not often that Amelia sees ghosts in ancient cemeteries, and it’s even less often that the brutalized corpse of a young woman turns up in one. The murder brings investigating officer John Devlin into her life, along with the ghost of a child and woman who follow Devlin everywhere he goes after twilight. Drawn to Devlin for reasons she can’t explain, Amelia finds that all of her papa’s rules are flying right out the window as she’s pulled deeper and deeper into Devlin’s life.

Caught in a web of secrets and taunted by a killer who’s repopulating the local graveyard, Amelia must decipher the hidden meaning in headstone epitaphs in order to stop the killings and put a few ghosts to rest.

The Restorer will tug you into a sinister world that will take your breath away, leaving a cold, cold chill in its place. Ghosts are mysterious and quietly spine-chilling, bringing back what it means to be truly haunted by one. Author Amanda Stevens expertly conjures up the dark atmosphere that surrounds those who die under horrible circumstances—as well as the living who walk a shadowy path through life. I can’t count the number of times that goose bumps rose on my skin while I read this novel.

I’m a bit of a loner, so I can totally relate to Amelia, who has grown accustomed to working in isolated places. In fact, much like me, she prefers to be alone. She’s also down-to-earth and ordinary, which makes a great contrast to a really cool and creepy career. Such an odd life makes Amelia an intriguing and engaging character.

Since a few questions are left unanswered at the end of The Restorer, as soon as the second book in the Graveyard Queen series is available, you can bet that I’ll be in Wal-mart, ready to grab a copy. This is the beginning of an incredible new series. Don’t miss it!

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