Courting Disaster Review
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As a result of a gunshot wound to the head a year ago, defense attorney Carling Dent has undergone a personality change. She’s more aggressive both in court and in life, and she represents some of the slimiest criminals on the street. The change has caused her to lose her lover, prosecuting attorney Jared Manning, and her partners have begun to question her conduct.

Carling has no memory of what happened before her head injury. She awoke in a conference room with a dead client, and that was all she could tell the police. Now, a car accident (and another head injury) triggers troubling flashbacks. The return of her memories, no matter how vague, also brings a killer after her again.

The only person Carling can trust is Jared Manning, but he wants to keep her out of harm’s way, which doesn’t work for her stubborn new personality. Together, they uncover a whole host of criminal activity, leading back to a Russian businessman who has no qualms about taking out anyone who threatens his livelihood—and that includes Carling.

Since author Carol Stephenson is an attorney, she’s able to bring courtroom procedure vividly to life while wrapping it around a good romantic thriller. She knows her stuff—and it shows in Courting Disaster. The balance between the courtroom, action, and romance is perfect, making it a satisfying read.

Carling Dent may be an aggressive character, but it’s not to the point that you’ll hate her. She does represent some pretty slimy clients, but every criminal deserves an attorney, and someone has to do it. It also helps that she draws the line at representing the most heinous of criminals. She’s fearless, but she’s not stupid, and she has a kind heart—all pluses in making a well-rounded and likable heroine.

Jared Manning, meanwhile, is a tough, no-nonsense prosecuting attorney, whose fear for Carling’s safety drives him to try to protect her as much as he can—but not so much that he tries to control her. Some female readers might find that annoying, but I didn’t. It’s a natural instinct in men to want to protect the fairer sex—and I, for one, find it a noble trait in any man.

A baffling mystery, tons of suspense, and interesting courtroom procedures make Courting Disaster a fun, high-speed thriller—and I’d love to see Carling and Jared butting heads in another book in the Legal Weapons series.

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