10th Anniversary Review
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Detective Lindsay Boxer has just tied the knot, but the celebration is cut short when she’s called in to investigate a badly injured teen and a missing baby. At the same time, women begin to turn up in the bushes outside their own homes with their clothes rearranged and no memory of what happened to them. Lindsay suspects rape, and she cautions Cindy Thomas, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, to be careful.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is hoping to prosecute the biggest case of her life—and she could definitely use the win to further her career. The only problem is that the defendant—a woman accused of murdering her husband—just might be innocent. Boxer finds evidence that could prove that the woman didn’t gun down her husband in front of her children, putting her in a difficult position.

Patterson and Paetro are back in their stride with 10th Anniversary, the tenth book in the Women’s Murder Club Series. The fast-moving plot with loads of intrigue will take you on a whirlwind of a ride, where secrets can make or break a case—or just plain throw things out of whack.

Lindsay Boxer is the same tough cop with a kind heart that she’s always been. But if she thinks she’s being lied to, her sympathy for the victim takes a nosedive, and she works to get at the truth any way she can. Her tenacious nature will draw you to her character and make you hope that there are real detectives like her out on the street.

Yuki Castellano, on the other hand, comes across as somewhat naïve when she loses her focus on the truth and gets caught up in winning her case at any cost. Still, you’ll empathize with her as her case starts falling apart and she realizes that she may be on the verge of another loss that could be a major blow to her career.

Short, pulse-pounding chapters come at you like bullets, and you won’t be able to stop reading 10th Anniversary. Just when things start to make sense, more lies are revealed, keeping you on your toes as you try to unravel each mystery and solve the cases. You may not be able to crack them, but it’s still loads of fun to work along with the Women’s Murder Club. Don’t miss this one; it’s one of their best yet!

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