The Sixth Man Review
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David Baldacci is an amazing writer. As his words flow with poetic cadence, he builds suspense around three-dimensional characters that leap off the page and come to life. And thatís doubly true for his latest release, The Sixth Man.

Edgar Roy has a special talent: he never forgets anything. All of his memories are stored in his brain, and he can access each one, much like opening a file on a computer. For a while, he works as an analyst for the government, in a program thatís supposed to help counteract terrorism. Then, one day, the police find six bodies buried in his barn, and heís sent to await trial at one of the most guarded prisons in Maine: Cutters Rock.

Edgarís attorney, Ted Bergins, asks private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to meet with him about the caseóbut while en route, they discover the attorney murdered in his car on the side of the road with a bullet hole in his head. Their investigation points toward those in high-power government positions, which puts Sean and Michelle in grave danger. Someone is having those with links to Edgar Roy assassinated one by one, and itís up to the investigator duo to find out why before itís too late for everyone involved.

Since they care about each other beyond friendship and as partners, Sean and Michelle make a fantastic investigating team. They have each otherís backs and will do whatever it takes to keep one another alive. Michelle is the tough one, with the deadly skills to put down an attacker. Sean is the more sensitive one, who can handle the victims with a soft hand. And thatís a great combination for private investigative partners.

From page one of The Sixth Man, the plot picks up and takes off, then races from one hair-raising twist to another. Night after night, youíll eagerly turn pages, wanting more, unwilling to close the book before itís finished. Youíll barely be able to catch your breath before youíre hit with another shocking revelation. Each new clue leads toward an unexpected and heart-wrenching conclusion that will leave you in dismay.

Drop everything, race to the nearest bookstore or online outlet, and pick up your copy today to find out why The Sixth Man is my favorite David Baldacci offering to date. Trust me; youíll be glad you did.

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