Loop-d-Loop Lace Review
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No one designs knitwear quite like Teva Durham does. The innovative and inspiring designs found in her 2005 collection, Loop-d-Loop, were the kind that took the craft to a completely different level. If anyone can make lace look totally hip and modern, she’s the one—and that’s exactly what she does in Loop-d-Loop Lace.

Don’t get me wrong; I love lace—though, admittedly, I love knitting it a little more than I love actually wearing it. A life-long tomboy, I still tend to shy away from anything that looks to girly and precious. But even tomboys like me will fall in love with the designs in Loop-d-Loop Lace.

The designs are a fascinating mix of classic and ultra-modern. They’re both girly and tomboy, dainty and bold. Durham uses a variety of stitch patterns in all kinds of gauges and fibers to create a fascinating collection filled with patterns that are—once again—innovative and absolutely inspiring.

The book is divided into five sections, sorted by the different families of lace used (mesh, eyelets, samplers, leaves, and doilies), with patterns increasing in complexity (and difficulty) the deeper you get into each section. Pictures of the finished projects come first, followed by detailed patterns. For some of the patterns, Durham provides charts and graphs, while others are simple enough that more straightforward, step-by-step directions work just fine.

Along the way, Durham also shares some of her research, inspiration, and experiences, offering a brief history of lace, along with a few tips and her own thoughts on the various techniques, styles, and designs used throughout the book.

No matter what your skill level—whether you’re gathering up the courage to try your first lace or you’re always wearing hand-knit lace socks and shawls—you’ll find plenty of suitable patterns in Loop-d-Loop Lace. For beginners, there are simple hats and capelets (like the bulky Trellis Beret and Capelet set), along with a simple belt and even a couple of bulky cravats. For seasoned pros, there are delicate sweaters, a gorgeous dress, and even a few shawls. And, for knitting hipsters, there are plenty of too-cool designs—like the vibrant Top-Down Eyelet T-shirt, the super bulky Chevron and Diamond Jacket, the doily-turned-tank Thistle Bodice, and the Palm Leaf Wrap (which immediately caught my eye).

There are some patterns in this collection that might make you laugh—like the Lace Puff Bloomers. Others will inevitably not fit your own personal style. But you’re sure to find all kinds of designs that you’ll be dying to try (and just as excited to wear).

Thanks to Durham’s imaginative and often playful designs, Loop-d-Loop Lace is another book that will inspire knitters of all tastes and abilities. Pick up a copy and keep it out on a table near your favorite knitting chair—because not only does it provide some stunning patterns but the sheer creativity of the designs will motivate you to grab your needles and try something new and exciting.

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