Her Own Sweet Time Review
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Hidden somewhere within Liz O’Clancy’s ancestral castle in Ireland is a portal to the past. Liz doesn’t believe in time travel until she returns to look for her missing grandmother. Betrayed by both her cousin and her fiancé, she enlists the help of her long-time friend, Donnegan O’Riley. Before long, they get sucked into seventeenth-century Ireland, where they’re stuck for the next six months until the portal opens again.

Once there, they run across Liz’s grandmother, Anna, who tells them that they have to fix history and take back the castle from the O’Clannahans—or they might end up not existing in the future. Liz and Donnegan pose as brother and sister, claiming to be distant relatives of the Lord of Heather Glen, Brian O’Riley. Since losing his family and the castle, Lord O’Riley spends his time drinking—and if Donnegan can’t convince him to straighten up and fight, they just might lose everything.

As Donnegan trains to be a knight, Liz starts running the castle while trying to avoid Brian, who has his sights set on making her his wife—another change that would throw history out of whack. Besides, Liz soon discovers who her knight in shining armor truly is—her childhood friend, Donnegan. But dare they risk their friendship for love?

Her Own Sweet Time is a wonderfully thrilling time-travel romance, filled with vivid characters and a strong sense of time. The past leaps off the page, and you’ll be sucked into the surroundings, allowed to touch, see, and taste Ireland four-hundred years in the past. Ms. Cogan does such a great job with her descriptions that it makes me wish that time-traveling backward in time to Ireland could be a vacation destination.

Liz garners your admiration as she takes on the challenges of such an ancient time with little to no complaining. She’s compassionate, and she shows great diplomatic strength, which goes a long way in ensuring their return to the future.

Donnegan may be an artist in the present, but he’s not afraid to take on the role of a warrior in order to protect those he loves and help set history back on the right track. He doesn’t really have the stomach for bloodshed, but he realizes that it’s sometimes necessary in order to survive. Characters like him always make the best heroes.

With a gentle romance woven into an attention-grabbing plot, Her Own Sweet Time is an all-around great read. So grab a copy and follow Donnegan and Liz through the portal for an outstanding adventure.

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