Echoes of Darkness Review
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Deidra Sidhe, Vampyrss of Camarilla, has risen from the realm of unconsciousness to release Aghmach from the underworld. Once she accomplishes this, he will bring great evil upon the earth, and Deidra will reign as queen by his side. Only one person can stop her, but he’s not happy with his role in the spiritual world.

Fallon O’Callaghan is chosen to become protector of all that is Tuatha De Danann—The People of the Goddess Danu. He bares the mark of Danu and cannot escape his fate, but he’s not happy about being a pawn for the gods and goddesses. Yet, for the past five hundred years, he’s hunted demons and kept them from harming the innocent.

The last thing that medical examiner Elizabeth Forrester expects to find on her autopsy table is an extremely virile male who sends her senses into the netherworld—even though he’s dead. And she certainly didn’t expect him to grab her wrist right before she goes to cut him open. Then he invades her home and her life, insisting that he needs to protect her from all manner of paranormal creatures.

Uncertain as to what’s about to happen, Fallon and Elizabeth fight their attraction to each other while waiting for an unknown evil to make its move, both unaware that Elizabeth holds the key within herself that can bring on great destruction in the wrong hands.

As a paranormal read, Echoes of Darkness is pretty entertaining—especially when Fallon and his cohorts go on the hunt and dust some vile creatures of the night. I could have done without a lot of the romantic stuff, though, especially when Fallon decides Elizabeth that is his life mate after only knowing her for about five minutes—in the morgue, no less. It’s just not very realistic.

I like some sexual tension in my romance reads, but it goes on for far too long in this one. It got to the point that I was almost pulling my hair out and screaming, Just do it, already, and get it over with! By the time they finally do get around to having sex, I’d long ago stopped caring if they would or wouldn’t.

Fallon is your typical tortured hero who’s afraid to love again because of a tragedy in his past. And Elizabeth is the typical heroine who goes out of her way to try and make the hero fall in love with her. No surprises in characterization here.

Echoes of Darkness is one of those novels that straddle the fence: it’s neither good nor bad. However, some of the fight scenes and minor characters (such as Seth the immortal couch potato) still make it worth a look.

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