Celestial Sin Review
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After a furious battle in Heaven between Lucifer and God’s angels, Cam-ael sustains a wound, falls from Heaven, and lands in a small town just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. A beautiful mortal named Essie takes him in and cares for him until he regains his strength. Cam-ael has never felt desire for a woman—until Essie. Now he no longer wishes to return to Heaven and take up the battle between good and evil—but his disobedience might come at a steep price.

Since her divorce several years ago, Essie McBane hasn’t found a man she can feel passionate about. She figures he’s more likely to drop from Heaven than cross her path on earth—but that’s exactly what happens. While she’s out feeding the chickens, a man—with wings—crashes to Earth and lands at her feet. And, oh boy, he’s perfect in every way. If this angel can’t awaken her passion, something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, Essie doesn’t want to be the reason an angel falls from grace.

While their nights—and most of their days—are filled with enthusiastic sex, they both know that things can’t stay that way forever. Demons will come for Cam-ael and Essie—and so will warrior angels from Heaven.

Whew! Celestial Sin is a very naughty story! It’s also one of the few erotic romances that actually captivated me (not to mention made me wish my boyfriend was somewhere nearby). It has just enough outer and inner conflict to make the plot interesting, while, at the same time, the graphic sex scenes left scorch marks across my e-book screen.

Cam-ael possesses an air of innocence that comes across as sweet and endearing. It’s something that I don’t normally like in a male character—but it’s also mixed with curiosity and confidence, making him a very intriguing hero.

Essie makes an admirable effort to resist Cam-ael because she doesn’t want him to be punished, but when she does give in, you can’t really blame her. No woman can resist such a stunning man—well, technically an angel—but she gets points for trying.

Be forewarned, though: the sex scenes are extremely graphic, in both language and description. Celestial Sin is not for the faint of heart or for prudes. However, it gets my stamp of approval because the author made an effort to go beyond the sex by adding stimulating characters and a good plot to the steamy romance.

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