Bound to Moonlight (Sisters of the Moon: Book 2)
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Pages: 89
Goes Well With: Crinkle cut fries, a Philly steak and cheese sub, and Sunny D orange juice

The Agency created Anya in a test tube and trained her to be an assassin. Her one focus has been to find her sisterís killer. After capturing three of his pack, she now has Sebastian Quinn in her sights with her finger on the trigger. But he senses her, and she becomes the hunted, falling captive to a sexy werewolf with torture on his mind.

Werewolf Sebastian Quinn wants to know whoís targeting his pack. When they bring in the lovely Anya, he knows what he has to do to get answers, but it doesnít sit well on his mind. However, three of his members are missing, and time is running out for them. If he has to, heíll torture Anya for the information to save those he loves.

Bound to Moonlight is a fast-paced romantic paranormal thriller with the added kick of test-tube people, which adds an interesting twist to the same old werewolf romance. Ms. Croft brings her characters and setting vividly to life within the short confines of the story; I could picture each scene in my mind like a movie.

Anya is a tormented and confused woman who was born into the world from a test tube, but she evaluates all of the possibilities and makes intelligent decisions from her heart. Sebastian, meanwhile, is a strong alpha male who will do what needs to be done to protect his pack, even if he draws no pleasure from it, which makes him a worthy hero.

Though I hadnít read the first book in the Sisters of the Moon series, I didnít feel lost while reading Bound to Moonlight. It only made me want to go back and pick up the first book in the series, along with any future novels. This is a strong series with captivating characters and a unique plot, and I donít plan on missing the rest of the books in the series. You might want to join me with this one; itís not to be missed.

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