Sons and Princes Review
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Author James LePore has outdone himself with his latest novel, Sons and Princes. The story drew me into the world of a Mafia family—which is something I’ve never had any real interest in—and it kept me captivated from page one.

For the past few years, Chris Massi’s life has been unraveling. The son of a Mafia assassin and the former son-in-law of a mob kingpin, he has a hard time staying on the right side of the law, but he’s done a good job of it so far. However, he ends up losing his law license due to a vindictive friend from his past. Then death strikes, piling on more tragedy. Now, Massi is just trying to keep his son from getting caught up in the Mafia world. But Massi heads down the same road his father took, looking to avenge wrongs before he can move forward with the rest of his life.

When her friend is murdered in a mob-related hit, a drug-addicted streetwalker named Michele Mathias crosses paths with Massi, who tries to save her from herself and help her get her daughter back. She’s pulled into Massi’s need to avenge the death of loved ones, which leads them both down a twisted path of murder, which they may not survive.

Edgy and dramatic, Sons and Princes is a spellbinding thriller that’ll keep you up all night because you just can’t stop turning pages.

Massi is a strong character. He may appear hypocritical, but his reasons for doing the things that he wants to keep his son from doing are sound and understandable. He can only be free by taking out the garbage, so to speak. He’s tough-minded with a kind heart—and though he takes an unlawful path, you simply cannot hate him.

Michele Mathias may be a pathetic addict (and a hooker to boot), but she’s still a likable character—especially when she stays determined to stay clean, even after going through heroin withdrawal, so she can find her daughter. Her loyalty and desire to help Chris—no matter what he needs—is touching. And she becomes a much better person before it’s all over.

The tortured lives of the characters add drama to the plot, making Sons and Princes a novel that belongs at the top of bestseller lists. LePore just keeps getting better and better, and he’s definitely an author to look for on bookstore shelves.

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