Now You See Her Review
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Summer just wouldn’t be summer without an exhilarating new release (or two…or maybe even three) from the prolific master of crime thrillers, James Patterson. And his latest breach-ready release, Now You See Her (co-authored by frequent Patterson collaborator Michael Ledwidge), is as good as it gets: a furiously paced adventure that’s drenched in suspense.

Nina Bloom has made a good life for herself and her teenage daughter, Emma. Though she arrived in New York with nothing, the single mother has managed to become one of the city’s most promising young attorneys. But Nina is hiding a dark past that no one—not even her daughter—knows about.

Two decades ago, Nina Bloom was a pretty college girl named Jeanine. While on spring break in Key West, alcohol, heartbreak, and tragedy led Jeanine to Officer Peter Fournier, a charming cop who helped her in her darkest moment. Just a couple of years later, the newlyweds’ happily-ever-after was eclipsed by tragedy—and a terrifying revelation led Jeanine to run away from home to protect herself and her unborn child.

Now, years later, Nina is faced with a case that threatens to put her new life in jeopardy.

Now You See Her is another gripping thriller from a reliable writing duo. Patterson and Ledwidge work together remarkably well, to create characters that you’ll care about and a suspenseful story that will pull you in and keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

Nina/Jeanine is a likable heroine. Though she made some pretty huge mistakes when she was younger—mistakes that still haunt her every day—she’s ultimately a good person. She’s a hard-working lawyer and a devoted mother. At times, you might question her judgment or the decisions that she makes, but you’ll understand her motivation, and you’ll often respect her for her strength, her courage, and her integrity. And when her past comes back to haunt her, you’ll care about what will happen to her and her daughter—and you won’t be able to set the book aside until you get the answers.

The story, meanwhile, is full of action and surprises—and bad guys—yet Patterson and Ledwidge manage to juggle court cases and serial killers and marital drama with ease. Even those nagging little plot points that don’t seem quite right in the beginning eventually work themselves out in the end.

Now You See Her is the kind of high-velocity thriller that makes reading an aerobic activity. It’s well-plotted, suspenseful novels like this one that have made Patterson a regular on bestseller lists—and in beach bags. So if you love crime thrillers, don’t head to the beach without it.

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