Adrenaline Review
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Summer may be a time for lounging on the beach and relaxing in the sun, but itís also a great time for entertainmentófor action-packed reads that are every bit as thrilling as the big-budget summer blockbusters that hit movie theaters every weekend. And thatís exactly what author Jeff Abbottís Adrenaline promises.

CIA agent Sam Capra thinks he has the perfect life: a great job, a loving wife, a baby boy on the way. Heís even starting to close in on a man he calls the Money Czar. But then, during a meeting, he gets an urgent call from his wife, Lucy, telling him to leave the building. He gets out just in time to see his office explode as his pregnant wife is taken away in a silver sedan.

The next thing he knows, Sam has lost everything. His wife and child are missing, and the CIA has labeled him a traitor and put him in prison. The only person whoís willing to help is an agent named Howell, who gets Sam out of prison and sets him up with a new life in New York. He urges Sam to let go and move on, but Sam refuses to give up when his wife and child could be in danger.

Iíll admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the title of this book. Itís a bit presumptuous, donít you think? But, fortunately, I didnít have much to worry about.

As it turns out, though, Adrenaline isnít exactly the book that youíd expect from its title. Thatís not to say that it isnít action-packed and suspensefulóbecause it is. Itís a gripping thriller that will keep you ducking, weaving, and guessing along as Sam searches for answers, always looking over his shoulder, knowing that any number of people want him captured (or maybe just dead).

Still, Adrenaline isnít the lightning-fast read page-turner that you might imagine it to be. There are a number of groups involvedóthe CIA, the group that has Lucy, the mysterious group that later recruits Sam to help them recover a missing scientist, and maybe a few others, too. There are also conspiracies and secret organizations thrown into the mix. So it isnít just a simple, straightforward thriller; it takes a while to sort through everything.

With a character like Sam in the lead, though, youíll be willing to wade through the collection of characters and conspiracies (and even a few supporting details that arenít entirely fleshed out). The spy who goes rogue to take on a personal mission may not be a unique character, but Abbott writes Sam well. Heís a loyal husband, a devoted father, and an all-around good guyómaking him the kind of character that youíll willingly follow through seedy bars and dark, deadly warehouses.

Adrenaline isnít the kind of all-out, gasping-for-breath thriller that youíll zip through on a summer afternoon. Itís a more intricate read that leaves plenty of questions unanswered, keeping things wide open for a sequelóso youíll want to keep that in mind when making your choice. But if youíre willing to take some time to get to know Sam and the numerous threats that surround him, youíll find yourself caught up in a captivating and satisfying spy thriller, eager to pick up the next installment in Samís story.

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