Desert Magick: Superstitions Review
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A ghost—possibly a demon—pays visits to Inherent witch Daisy Rhiannon at unexpected moments. She can’t always see him (unless he appears corporally or in shadows), but she can feel his presence. For some reason, he’s attached himself to Daisy, and he seems to be out for more than sex. His agenda might also include revenge. She also catches glimpses of another ghost who acts as though he needs to tell her something.

When the entity escalates his assaults, Daisy’s husband, Noah, and her cousin, Bridgette, step in to help. Bridgette has been having her own problem with an ex that she can’t escape—a siren who keeps calling her back to him. As they contact long-dead relatives through an Ouija board for answers, they learn some startling secrets that have been tucked into the family tree’s closet. They also learn that they might have to steal a valuable object from the local museum to get rid of the entity.

Desert Magick: Superstitions is a short and entertaining paranormal mystery. The story will keep you interested enough to keep clicking to the next pages to find out what exactly is stalking Daisy and what it truly wants.

Still, a couple of things bothered me about the book: the author’s overuse of the word “smirked” and her frequent use of the word “uttered” instead of “said.” Those things pulled me right out of the story and proved to be annoying distractions.

Also, Daisy and Noah are a bit on the bland side. None of their personality traits are distinctive enough to spot them in a crowd. Bridgette, on the other hand, has more individuality, which adds flavor to the plot, but she’s often bitchy and sarcastic—though not to the point that it would make readers dislike her.

Vivid images of the Arizona desert come alive on the pages, which helps to offset the lack of characterization. Also, Ms. Davis has done her homework on the various forms of magick, and she treats her readers to an engaging learning experience.

All in all, Desert Magick: Superstitions is a pretty good read, and I’m definitely interested in reading the next two novels in the series. I just hope that the author’s characterization and some of the annoying writing quirks improve in the next book.

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