Little Boy Lost Review
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While going through a car wash, six-year-old Aaron Gale disappears. The back door opens, and he vanishes. Since Miles Gale’s first wife was murdered—and his second wife also vanished—the police think that Miles had something to do with Aaron’s disappearance. So they take his remaining son, CJ, from him and place him in a foster home until things are cleared up—or he’s charged with a crime.

Since CJ has a photographic memory, he’s asked to remember everything about the day his half-brother disappeared. But some of the things he remembers are too bizarre to be believable, and his psychiatrist believes that he’s suppressing what really happened. CJ just wants his brother back. He knows that something evil took Aaron, and he’s pretty sure they may never get him back.

Miles Gale knows exactly what took his son: the boy’s mother, who isn’t exactly human. Miles will do whatever it takes to get him back with or without the help of the police. So he strikes out on his own to find Aaron and faces horrors he never dreamed of.

Little Boy Lost is a surreal and macabre tale about the things that lie just out of our reach—beyond the veil where evil lurks and can snatch a child and vanish without a trace. As the plot progresses, things get weirder and weirder, until all control is taken from the characters. As they sink deeper and deeper into madness, you’ll begin to wonder whether they’ll ever make it back. And, if they do, will they ever be truly sane again?

The madness of the plot will captivate you and keep you in its grip, powerless to break away. At the same time, the story’s hefty dose of horror and suspense will keep your nerves on edge with each turn of the page.

Little Boy Lost is a truly original tale that will take you on a fear-inducing psychological horror ride—and you’ll devour every bit of it and beg for more. So if you like teetering on the edge of suspense, don’t miss it.

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