The List (Class of ‘85 Reunion Series)
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Pages: 70
Goes Well With: Turkey BLT on whole wheat bread and a tall glass of ice water

When Fiona “Fat Aggie” Thorpe receives an invitation to her class reunion, she tosses it in the trash. She’d rather hula in Hades naked in front of twenty drooling bikers. Why would she want to reunite with a bunch of classmates who tormented her because of her size?

Fiona once weighed close to four hundred pounds. Now she’s slim and sexy and runs a successful agency for plus-size models. It’s been said that success is the best revenge, but Fiona decides that she wants more, so she heads to Summerville, New York, with payback on her mind.

Mick Dineen regrets being a bully in high school. He once drove the class fat girl to a deserted place and left her stranded in the dark to make it home on her own. Since he matured, he’s been trying to make up for his past by helping the underprivileged.

Fiona and Mick meet at the reunion but don’t recognize each other. Sparks fly between them, but once the truth comes out, will Fiona be able to let go of a hurtful past in order to move toward a blissful future?

With a hint of humor, The List is an entertaining short romantic tale about seeking revenge on those truly ugly-acting classmates who once made some student’s teen years a living nightmare.

Though Fiona’s plans aren’t exactly mature, you’ll still understand why she would want to hurt those who once hurt her—because they were downright mean to her. And your admiration for her ability to have risen above her weight problem to become a successful business woman won’t be dimmed by her often sadistic plans for revenge.

At the same time, Mick also deserves admiration for actually growing up and acting like a compassionate and hard-working member of the male population.

The List is a wonderfully delightful and often humorous tale about how people really can (and often do) change for the better—and it gets its point across without feeling like a sermon about bad and good actions. It’s a feel-good read for your afternoon lunch break.

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