The Atlantean Legacy Review
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All her life, Akana has dreamed of traveling to the Temple of the Great Goddess to train as a priestess. It would mean leaving her mother and sister behind, with the possibility of never seeing them again, but she feels that it’s something she must do.

There, she meets new friends and falls in love with her Master Teacher and priest, Kahotep. As the months and years fall away, Akana grows into a powerful priestess who will one day have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of Atlantis.

On the surface, Atlantis is the perfect place—a paradise in this vast universe. But in the depths, darkness has risen, biding its time, waiting to destroy any semblance of peaceful living. And the government of Atlantis may very well have planted the seeds of its own destruction.

Akana senses the darkness, but she pushes it aside, not willing to dwell on negative energy or get caught up in the conspiracy theories. But her inaction comes with a heavy price that she has no choice but to pay.

In The Atlantean Legacy, author Paula Bates speculates about what might have happened to the legendary city of Atlantis (or at least what caused it to sink into the ocean). The story is told in such rich, believable detail that it’s easy to believe that this city might have once existed.

The Atlantean Legacy drives home the point that we must look to the past and learn from it or be destined to make the same mistakes over and over. Instead, the government of Atlantis refuses to acknowledge its role in the breakdown of the system, which eventually results in its destruction. Perfect peace seems to be the answer that the author seeks to get across—a beautiful sentiment that’s made impossible by the existence of those who want anything but peace (whoever you perceive them to be).

Beautifully written, with only minimal preaching, The Atlantean Legacy comes alive to capture your rapt attention as you follow the life of Akana—a strong and beautiful woman who changes the course of history. I did not expect to be in tears by the end of this book, but it touched my heart enough to make me feel the loss of a great city and its people.

If you’re as fascinated by the mysterious city of Atlantis as I am, The Atlantean Legacy is a must-read.

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