Duck & Goose Review
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I can’t believe how adorable author Tad Hills’s Duck & Goose is. The story starts off with two strangers, Duck and Goose, finding a ball that they mistake for an egg. The two claim their right to the egg and argue over who should take care of it. After a scuffle, both end up sitting on the egg, still arguing. As time passes and they continue to keep the egg warm together, their phrases change from “It’s mine,” to “Let’s teach our baby to fly.”

The reader knows that the inevitable must happen. These two almost parents eventually find out that the egg is actually a ball (after a little bird tells them). Instead of getting upset, though, Duck and Goose agree that it is a lovely ball. The two new-found friends enjoy playing with the ball, and they even teach it to fly, just as they had planned to do with their baby bird.

I found this book enjoyable to read to my daughter. It’s so cute to see the duck and goose yelling at each other, then apologizing to the little “occupant” inside the egg. It’s also cute to see them acting like new parents, imagining what they will teach their baby and how well their baby will learn.

My daughter enjoyed the story, as well as the colorful pictures. The story even gave me the opportunity to explain to her what an “occupant” is. When asked, she responded, “Someone who lives in an egg.”

Duck & Goose shows kids that it’s better to work together than to argue, and it also shows them how to look at the bright side of things and to see the good in what they have.

After reading this book, I did a little research and found out that this author has written many other stories about Duck and Goose, and I look forward to reading them with my daughter.

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