Bedtime Storybook Review
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Bedtime Storybook is a collection of stories about some very unique characters. There’s Silly Tilly Witch, who’s having a hard time because her roof is leaking and she can’t find her book of spells to fix it. She tries to make herself a new roof, but her roof ends up taking flight, with her on it. Tilly shows that she has a heart of gold as she picks up her friends along the way, when they’re too tired to fly or run or they’re stuck on a clock tower. Tilly’s kindness is finally repaid when her animal friends build her a new roof.

There’s also Spooky the Teapot Ghost, who sleeps in a teapot every night and plays tricks on animals during the day, when he’s invisible. Spooky soon learns how to have fun without it being at other people’s expense. His friends also learn that it’s nice to have a ghost around because he glows in the dark.

The book also includes stories about a heavy hippopotamus, a forgetful spider, a shy ostrich, and a clumsy alligator.

Bedtime Storybook has been a favorite of my daughter’s for some time. She loves hearing about the characters and their adventures, and she enjoys looking at the bright and beautiful pictures. Her favorite part is when Silly Tilly Witch rescues Kitten from the clock tower and puts her in her pocket because there’s no room left on the roof.

All of the stories in this collection teach lessons about how to be kind to each other. For instance, after being squashed by an elephant, Hippopotamus learns that it’s not nice to squash other animals. And Alligator’s friends learn that, even though he’s clumsy, he’s there when you need him.

Now that my daughter is at the beginning stages of reading, I’m hoping that the large print and the word review at the end of each story will help her in developing her reading skills as we continue to read about all of the wonderful characters in this book.

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