Book of Nathan Review
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Miklos Zeusenoerdorf (“Zeus” for the sake of everyone‘s sanity) calls the Gateway Homeless shelter in New Brunswick, New Jersey, his home—that is, he would if he could talk well enough to be understood. His frightening appearance and speech impediment scares people, so when he’s accused of murder, everyone just assumes that he did it—except Richard “Bullet” Bullock.

Bullet runs the homeless shelter in memory of his wife. Lots of lonely and lost people come through, but none more so than Zeus. So Bullet steps in to plead his case and help find the real murderer.

The case gets even more complicated when advocates on both sides of the abortion issue frantically try to get their hands on a CD that holds the translation of one of the lost books of the Bible—the Book of Nathan. This book reportedly puts to rest the debate on when a soul actually enters a body—and, if it’s at conception, then pro-choice activists want the information suppressed.

Throw in a hyper Jewish lawyer named Yigal Rosenblatt (who’s gaga over a prostitute named Twyla), and things start to roll out of control.

Book of Nathan is one of the most comical books I’ve read in a long while. Each character is so well-drawn and individualized that I felt like I might meet them on the street somewhere. They all have their own special brand of humor, providing a variety of laughs.

Richard Bullock is as laid-back as they come, and it’s so much fun to follow him as he deals with all of the wacky characters around him while trying to stay sane. Though I don’t agree with his religious views or his attitude toward religion, he still has a big heart, which he uses to help the downtrodden—and his sarcasm is often hilarious.

Twyla and Yigal aren’t very smart on the surface, but they’ll keep you laughing—especially Yigal, who seems to bounce from one thing to another like Tigger on steroids. And the very fact that Twyla refuses to suppress her “call girl” side, even for a respectable dancing job, provides many humorous moments.

With its unusual plot and its cheeky sense of humor, Book of Nathan is an intriguing mystery wrapped in a comedy. It’s an all-around great read, no matter which side of the abortion fence you stand on. It’s so good that I plan on reading it again.

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