Buried Secrets Review
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Unabridged Audiobook: 8 CDs (10 hours)
Read by Holter Graham

Nothing helps to pass the time during a long road trip quite like a thrilling book on CD. But if you pop Joseph Finder’s Buried Secrets into your car’s CD player before you hit the road, you might want to set you cruise control right away. Otherwise, the frantic pace of the story may have you pressing your foot down on the accelerator a little more than you should.

When teenage heiress Alexa Marcus goes missing, her billionaire father, Marshall, immediately turns to his trusted friend, Nick Heller, for help. Nick, a former Special Forces operative, is working as a kind of private spy in Boston—so as soon as he gets Marshall’s call, he puts his entire team on the case.

Since the FBI already has Marshall under surveillance for his questionable business dealings, the Bureau isn’t exactly eager to help out. But once a video of a terrified Alexa surfaces on the Internet—and the girl’s clues suggest that she’s been buried alive—Nick’s ex, FBI Special Agent Diana Madigan, joins the search.

Nick works night and day to try to bring Alexa back safely, but it soon becomes clear that Marshall isn’t telling him the whole truth—and his holding back is putting his daughter’s life in jeopardy.

The pressure’s on for Nick and his eccentric team of associates, making Buried Secrets a wildly fast-paced thriller. With each revelation—each new clue—the situation becomes more and more dangerous, and the fact that Alexa could actually be buried alive, with no clues to her location, gives the story a breathtaking sense of urgency.

Meanwhile, the gripping story is made even more intriguing by its complex main character. A former Special Forces operative and the son of a notorious white collar criminal, Nick has a unique background. He’s a good guy with some shady friends—and his whatever it takes attitude has him calling in favors from both old military buddies and foreign crooks, in order to get the job done and bring Alexa home.

As it all comes together, though, some of the main details behind the kidnapping are merely hinted at. There are some small revelations—like what Mercury is and why it’s so important to keep it a secret—but these important details get only the slightest bit of explanation. After sticking with the story for 10 hours, getting caught up in the story and concerned for the characters’ safety, I would have liked to know a little bit more about why it all happened and who was involved.

Despite the rushed wrap-up, though, Buried Secrets is a gripping adrenaline rush of a thriller. As long as you aren’t a stickler for details, it’s the kind of audiobook that will make the hours fly by on your next road trip.

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