Centuries of June Review
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Just before dawn on an ordinary night in June, Jack gets up to use the bathroom and ends up on the floor with a hole bashed in the back of his head. What follows is a bizarre tale that spans centuries.

As Jack tries to explain how he ended up in this mess, he finds himself trapped in the bathroom with someone who resembles his long-deceased father while eight women sleep in his bed, only coming awake to tell a story—usually right after they try to kill Matthew with various weapons.

Each woman represents a century, and their stories are centered on one man who influenced their lives for the better, but mostly for the worse. Tales range from pirates on a deserted island to the Salem witch trials. As the stories unfold, time seems to speed up, leaving Jack confused about what’s really going on while he lies in a pool of blood on his bathroom floor.

Vividly written with a unique voice, Centuries of June is a peculiar tale of mystery and love, blended into a haunting ghost story. Each character brings her part of the narrative to life in such distinctive fashion that you can do nothing but sit back and be amazed and fascinated.

Centuries of June flows with poetic grace and a one-of-a-kind style, while, at the same time, tugging you into fathomless depths of charm and an endless supply of enthrallment. It’s an absorbing read, made both poignant and humorous by Jack as he tries to understand why all of these women seem to want to kill him.

Looking for a dramatic departure from your usual reading fare? Then Centuries of June is for you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find its equal in individuality, intermingled with the strange and weird.

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