Descent Review
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If you’ve not read anything from Uninvited Books, you’re missing a staggering head rush—and Sandy DeLuca’s Descent proves it, causing readers to descend into madness and horror along with the heroine.

Gifted painter and cocaine addict Julia Benetto lives with an overbearing mother who thinks she’s stupid and worthless. Every night, Julia dreams of dead things (as she calls them)—ghosts of those from her past who visit her each night while she sleeps. The ghosts also peer at her from passing cars, on city sidewalks, and in buildings. They want something from her, but she’s not quite sure that she can deliver. And she’s been getting phone calls from a man who just might be the devil.

Twenty-one years ago, Julia fell in love with a dangerous man who took her on a terrifying trip from Rhode Island down to Florida and forced her to watch and do deeply depraved things. Now he may be back, and the only person who can stop him is Julia. But with her mother in the hospital with a broken hip and her own drug addiction to battle, Julia may not have the strength to fight the devil.

You haven’t encountered true madness until you’ve read Descent. Author Sandy DeLuca will draw you into the terrifying journey of one woman who’s trapped in a situation that she can’t escape without severe repercussions.

Julia may appear to be weak, but, in reality, she’s a strong woman. Though she has many chances to escape, you’ll understand why she doesn’t. And as she descends deeper into the abyss of madness, you’ll wonder if the demons she encounters are real or if they’re something brought on by her drug habit—or perhaps a combination of both. Or could it be that she’s the disturbed one?

Chilling, horrifying, and suspenseful, Descent will bite into you and locks its jaws. It’s a highly intelligent psychological thriller that delivers an astounding dance with insanity that’ll raise the fine hairs on your arms and the back of your neck.

Descent is not the same old horror. It digs deeper and drags you into the pit with it. It’s not to be missed!

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