Edenís Scarecrow Review
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After a brutal beating, David Granims, with his last breath, tells the medic attending him to find Jack Helton and protect his daughter. Treated as a dying manís last testimony, his words will be admissible in court, even though itís hearsayóbecause, apparently, a dying man has no reason to lie.

Known as the best detective around, Jack Helton of the Wilmington Police Department solves cases that no one else can. Heís even brought in two serial killers, which is unheard of. But now Jackís been accused of murder, and the only one who can solve his case is Jack himselfóso he escapes to try and clear his name.

Anita Franklin is fairly new to the police department, but the captain trusts her and no one else to bring Jack in. She sets out to solve the case, but her gut tells her that something is way off. As she does her job, she uncovers some surprising clues that change everything.

If it hadnít been for Jack being so cocky and full of himself, I mightíve liked his character a whole lot more. I prefer to see how good a detective is through his actionsónot from the character tooting his own horn every chance he gets. Plus, after the first few chapters, Jack basically disappears from the storyline.

Anita is a much better character. She truly investigates the crime, looking for the truth rather than being influenced by those within the police department who have a personal grudge against Jack. Sheís methodical and savvy, making Edenís Scarecrow, if not a great read, then at least a palatable one.

One thing that bothered me about the plot was the reasoning behind charging Jack with murder. Iím not sure that the dying victim saying, ďFind Jack HeltonĒ would actually be enough to arrest Jack for murder. If I were on the grand jury, Iíd vote to throw it out instead of sending it on to trial. Itís just not strong enough evidence to indict someone for murder. By the time the author seems to figure this out, adding a bit more to the victimís last words, the book is near its end, making the additional information pointless.

Still, even with all its plot and character flaws, Edenís Scarecrow is a well-written and fast-paced thriller. Wanting to find out who, exactly, was responsible for Davidís murder kept me hanging in there until the endóand it doesnít end the way you think it will, which is another point scored for the author.

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