The Night Man Cometh Review
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It’s 1249 in Limousin, France—a time when Europe suffered from a plague that wiped out most of the population. Weary of praying to God to spare those he loves, Damian la Croix renounces a faith that he never really believed in and crosses paths with a ghoul named Geraint LeMaitre, who turns Damian into a sansmort—an immortal. He then proceeds to feed on his family and servants before moving on to destroy the village he grew up in.

When his betrothed, Antoinette, is struck by the plague, she joins him in immortality, but her undead life gets cut short, causing Damian to roam the centuries looking for the one woman that he’s meant to be with. Just when he thinks he’s found her, she’s snatched away, leaving Damian to grief and destruction.

As his story unfolds, Damian and his followers join Vlad Drakula’s army, fighting with unholy brutality. It’s then that he becomes known as the Night Man, striking fear in the hearts of every human. Yet Damian still searches for the one and only woman who can accept him for what he is—a search that spans thirteen centuries.

With the story of Vlad Drakula woven into the plot for a short while—and bits and pieces from real history thrown in—The Night Man Cometh is a clever and refreshingly unique vampire tale that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. You’ll even get to experience some little-known history as the decades unfold throughout Damian’s life.

Damian is not your typical hero—in fact, sometimes he’s not even likeable—but you’ll be pulled into his world anyway, unable to escape until the tale is finished. He seems to have some kind of a moral code, which often makes him an honorable character. But he’s far from perfect—and that’s what makes him seem so real.

The Night Man Cometh goes back to the roots of what a vampire tale is supposed to be—like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. It’s a pleasant change from all of the vampire romances that keep flooding the market these days. You certainly don’t want to pass this one up—or you’ll be missing another classic in the making.

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