The Vampire’s Madam Review
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend eternity with one faithful partner, whom you love with every fiber of your being? Maybe that’s why vampire romances were created—because, in the real world, faithfulness often doesn’t last long, and there’s no such thing as eternity on Earth. Ah, a bit jaded, am I? Perhaps—but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good erotic romance, especially if it’s as pleasant as L. Rosario’s short little romp, The Vampire’s Madam.

Every Wednesday night, Janna Cutting (better known as Madam Keya) watches as Hugh de Troyes chooses one of her working girls to satisfy his lust. In her heart, Janna longs for his touch, but he’s never shown any indication that he’s attracted to her. When his favorite girl tells Janna that he’s a bit of a bore and she can hardly remember much of what happened with him, she doesn’t believe it.

One night, she creeps into the room where clients are allowed to watch (if that’s what they prefer), and she discovers that her suspicions about Hugh were correct in more ways than one. Now she aches for all of the passion that her girls are forced to forget once they leave his arms. She just has to figure out how to draw his attention to her the next time he comes around.

There isn’t much to the plot or the characters in this thirty-two page read, but what’s there is incredibly hot and sexy. Author L. Rosario has the gift of making pleasurable shivers race up and down your spine, even as the vampire bites into a woman’s neck—something that’s sure to be painful—turning it into a highly sexual scene.

The Vampire’s Madam is meant to sweep you away on a fantasy, and it’s done so very well—by both the author’s skilled imagination and the dazzling love scenes, which are full of sensations that will reach out and grab you. It’s meant to take you away from the world to someplace that doesn’t exist except in your mind as you read. It’s an erotic fairy tale that awakens things inside you that might bring a blush to your cheeks.

There’s nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure every now and then—so pick up a copy of The Vampire’s Madam and enjoy it. I sure did!

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