The Trial of Rachel Williams Review
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At one point in my younger years, I wanted to study to become a lawyer. I quickly learned that I didn’t have the brutal personality necessary to get in a witness’s face and tear down their testimony. Oh, but, I still love the whole courtroom scene—and William Wilde’s The Trial of Rachel Williams brings all of that drama and viciousness to flamboyant life, feeding my hunger for a good courtroom battle.

Jack Burke is the co-owner of a security systems agency, but he loves investigative work the best. Even so, when his ex-brother-in-law, Tommy Nichols, drops by his office with a bizarre request, Jack feels that he should probably back away from this one. Tommy has no real proof that his life is being threatened by a woman with whom he had an affair—until he hands over a note that contains the curse, “You will have blood to drink.” The words are a reference to a 1692 curse that was supposedly cast by a woman who was condemned to death during the Salem witch trials—a curse that actually came true.

Jack uncovers a group of women who call themselves the Society of Medea—radical feminists lead by a controversial woman named Rachel Williams. She believes that women posses the psychic ability to tear down their enemies, which just happens to be mostly men. A few days later, when Tommy dies from a violent rupture that spews blood into his mouth, Jack realizes that these women may be more dangerous than anyone thinks. And so begins the trial of Rachel Williams.

I love it when an author takes one small part of a historical event and turns it into a highly interesting fictional thriller, weaving imagination into the facts to create a tale that’s incredibly hard to put down. And that’s exactly what William Wilde does with The Trial of Rachel Williams.

As the plot unfolds, it will put your nerves on edge. You’ll never quite know what the outcome is going to be, so you’ll cling to the story, lost for hours in the tension. The suspense is almost more than you can bear, but you’ll love every second of it, and you’ll have to remind yourself to breathe every few minutes.

Each character—from Jack, with his impulsive, impatient nature, to Rachel, with her steely-eyed venom—comes to life on the page, and you’ll be able to picture them in your head as you read. It’ll almost feel as if you’re watching a scene from a television drama.

This adrenaline-packed, well-written, and highly intelligent thriller should be on best seller lists—it’s that good. The Trial of Rachel Williams is one e-book that you’re not going to want to miss.

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