Heart of Evil Review
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Donegal Plantation sits on the edge of a swamp, deep in the bayous of Louisiana, yet itís known for its great food and eerie atmosphere, and tourist flock from miles around to watch the reenactment of a skirmish that happened on its grounds during the Civil War. History comes alive there, but someone goes to extremes and murders one of the enactors in almost the exact same way that Marshall Donegal died during the battle.

Ashley Donegal, heiress to the plantation, discovers the body, and everyone around her immediately becomes a suspect. Desperate for help, she turns to the one man she loved and rejected years ago because of his uncanny gift that struck fear in her heart. Now, she seems to have the same gift, but she isnít ready to face it.

Jake Mallory arrives at Donegal Plantation ahead of Krewe of Hunters, a team that investigates the paranormal. He doesnít believe that a ghost had anything to do with the murder, but he believes that the ghosts of Donegal Plantation may be able to help. Convincing Ashley of that is another matter.

Heart of Evil brings on the chills as the story takes readers from an old plantation, to the cemetery, and into the swamp. Itís not hard to believe that ghosts still roam the rooms of Donegal Plantation or hang out in the graveyard, lost and longing for things to be set right before they can move on.

Though Heart of Evil is a fantastic paranormal romantic mystery, the murder is the result of a real, breathing killer. The ghosts stay on the outer periphery of the investigation, lending a creepy mood to the plot until their reason for being a part of the story is revealed. Meanwhile, the characters rely on methodical and scientific methods of investigationówith just a small nudge in the right direction from the spirits.

At the same time, thereís also just enough sexual tension between Jake and Ashley to make Heart of Evil a satisfying romance. A tough business woman, Ashley comes across as a strong and independent character, while still having a softer side. Jake, on the other hand, is the quintessential hero, with a spooky gift (he communicates with spirits), which adds intrigue to his character.

Author Heather Graham never fails to entertain me with her spine-chilling ghost stories, and Heart of Evil, with its mysterious setting, is as sinister as it gets. Plus, you get a little bit of romance while having the pants scared off you. You canít beat that!

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