Passion (Fallen, Book 3) Review
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For centuries, fallen angel Daniel Grigori has watched his beloved Luce die over and over. Sometimes, the agony of her loss causes him to go into a deep sleep while lying next to her grave—and there he’ll stay until she’s reincarnated into another life. He doesn’t know how to stop her death, other than to stay out of her life, but he simply cannot bring himself to do so. But, this time, everything changes. Instead of chasing her through the future, he’s forced to chase her back through her past lives.

Lucinda Price desperately wants to understand why she’s never been able to live beyond her seventeenth birthday until now—so she grabs one of the shadows that have followed her since her birth and shapes a doorway to the past. As she experiences life after life with a gargoyle guide named Bill, she begins to understand that she and Daniel have somehow been cursed—and it goes all the way back to the time when the angels fell from heaven.

Daniel isn’t the only one chasing Luce back through time. Legions of angels—both good and bad—along with the Outcasts are all after Luce for reasons of their own. Desperate to catch up to Luce, Daniel tries not to think about what might happen if she changes the course of history.

In Passion, the third book in the Fallen series (following Torment and Fallen), author Lauren Kate treats readers to a rich and fascinating history of many different places and times, including both world wars and the Mayan civilization. Though each time period is only touched on, the images are vivid enough to bring them to life.

As you read, you might wonder why Daniel puts himself through Luce’s death over and over, but we’re talking about love here. It’s neither rational nor definable. You can only sit back and marvel at its strength—and, perhaps, envy it. Love like that could possibly make Daniel appear weak and foolish if Luce weren’t so deserving of that kind of love—and she is.

The subject matter is rather dark in Passion, so Bill the stone gargoyle brings a welcome touch of comedic relief. His witty sarcasm will make you laugh, or at least crack a smile, every time. I loved that little guy and looked forward to his popping in and out of the story.

With its epic, sweeping plot and its unusual cast of characters, Passion delivers a suspenseful teenage love story that’s unlike any other while giving new meaning to the term soul mate. Though you may think that Ms. Kate cannot possibly squeeze one more book out of this series, Passion ends with a surprising climax that’s sure to leave you anxious for the fourth and final book in the series. Oh, the agony of having to wait for it!

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