The Night Before Doomsday Review
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When Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden, God took pity on them and sent angels, known as the Grigori, to teach them how to thrive. But the angels became corrupt and lay with mortal women, creating half human/half angels called Nephilim.

Azazel was assigned to teach women the art of seduction. He taught them how to appear more beautiful to men by adorning themselves with jewelry and ornaments made by their own hands. They painted their faces and created the illusion of beauty. Unfortunately, Azazel found himself having a hard time resisting these women as they attempted to seduce him, but he refused to be weak like his fellow angels who had already succumbed to the allure of woman.

As he watches his brethren fall one by one, it becomes harder and harder for Azazel not to follow suit. His failure will come with a heavy price, but is that enough to keep him pure?

There is a passage in the Bible (Genesis 6:1-4) that seems to suggest that God did send angels (sons of God) to Earth, and they ended up mating with mortal women. The Night Before Doomsday is based on this suggestion, rendering a short tale of immense struggle by one angel to do what he was sent to doóand nothing more. But, apparently, mortals are weak and have the ability to spread that weakness among holy beings.

Azazel puts up a good fight, and you canít help but admire his strength. But the women are wicked seductresses, lending a hint of anxious suspense to the plot: will he or wonít he? Part of you will want him to resist, while another, baser part of you will want him to succumb.

Iím not sure that I like how women are portrayed in The Night Before Doomsday. According to this story, weíre all beguiling creatures with nothing but the pursuit of pleasure on our mindsówhile, at the same time, men are portrayed as weak creatures who canít think beyond their own pleasure, either. However, thatís often the cold-hearted truth in real life.

The Night Before Doomsday isnít an erotic tale, yet it still has a sensual edge to it, which amps up the drama and anticipation. This highly imaginative tale will keep you on the line between good and naughty until you canít stand it anymore and have to make a choice. Which side will you land on?

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