Fallen Review
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Federal Investigator Faith Mitchell knows better than anyone that she needs to act three times as tough as any man who shares her profession, or she’ll be considered a useless woman for the rest of her career. When her mother, Evelyn, disappears, it takes every last bit of her strength to keep from going insane, but God forbid she show even an ounce of weakness in the face of disaster.

Struggling with diabetes and raising her infant daughter, Faith knows that she needs help, so she turns to her partner, Will Trent of the Atlanta Bureau of Investigation. Will once investigated Evelyn as a narcotics cop who skimmed drug money off the top, along with every man on her team. Faith refuses to believe that her mother is a dirty cop, yet she seems to be wrapped up in something illegal that resulted in her kidnapping.

Together—with the help of Faith’s supervisor, Amanda Wagner, and trauma doctor Sara Linton—Will and Faith follow a line of police corruption that involves bribery and murder, along with a few astounding secrets that throw everything into a melting pot of confusion and jeopardy.

Fallen builds nerve-racking suspense as Faith races to find her mother before the unthinkable happens. Faith shows incredible strength in the face of insurmountable obstacles, without turning into a bitch without merit. You’ll admire her strength of character, as well as her weaker moments, which make her human and easy to relate to.

Meanwhile, although Will Trent is a strong male lead, he appears somewhat weak in light of the women, which I didn’t appreciate. I kept hoping that he’d tell Amanda, an unlikable ball-buster, where she could shove it. However, he’s also dealing with his own demons—including a toxic relationship with his mostly absent wife—so his behavior is somewhat understandable. I just wish that he’d shown a little more backbone when confronted by Amanda.

Ms. Slaughter knows how to bring on the drama and ratchet up the suspense in this highly unpredictable thriller. You’ll get caught up in the tragedy of the characters, as well as in the race to save Evelyn and discover what, exactly, she was mixed up in to cause her abduction.

You’ll find few authors who can nail you to the pages of a superb thriller like Slaughter can—and does—with Fallen. She’s simply one of the best!

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