Phantom Evil Review
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The historic mansion looms in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was once the killing grounds for a serial killer named Madden C. Newton, who lured his victims to his home with promises of a better life. Now his evil lingers in that dark place to prey on the living.

Regina Holloway jumped—or was pushed—from the balcony of the mansion. The police rule her death a suicide, but her husband, Senator David Holloway, refuses to believe that his wife took her own life. He believes that something else did it, and he calls Adam Harrison, a famed paranormal investigator, for help.

Adam puts together a team headed by Jackson Crow, who suffers from his own loss. Even though he experienced something as a child that he can’t explain, he’s still skeptical about the existence of ghosts. He definitely doesn’t believe that ghosts were responsible for Regina’s death.

Adam pairs Jackson with Angela Hawkins, a woman who can interact with spirits through dreams and visions. Though she believes in ghosts, she’s certain that they weren’t responsible for Regina’s death.

Together, Jackson and Angela must be very careful, or they might just end up as victims of an evil that stretches beyond the veil between the living and the dead.

Phantom Evil is the first book in Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series—and it’s a spooky start that will have you begging for more. The French Quarter of New Orleans comes alive under the skillful hands of Ms. Graham. If you’ve never been, it’ll make you want to visit this historic city, especially if you love the ghostly lure of such a place as much as I do.

Jackson and Angela work together well—if not in perfect harmony, then as a good complement to each other. Jackson is enough of a skeptic to keep it real without closing his mind to other possibilities, and Angela doesn’t rule out other potential scenarios where Regina’s death is concerned.

An evil spirit can only influence those with a heart that’s skewed toward malevolence, and Ms. Graham does a great job bringing this out in Phantom Evil. The mystery will keep you guessing as to who is truly good or truly wicked, but you’ll never figure it out before the end.

Throw in a haunted house that’s rife with ghosts, and you’ve got a deliciously creepy tale that’ll keep the chills roaming up and down your spine.

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