The Beast’s Redemption Review
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Belle Beaumont’s father has gotten their business, Half Moon Herbals, into trouble. He borrowed money from a man named Alexander Léandre, and now they have no hope of paying it back. Léandre wants his money—or he’ll take Half Moon Herbals from them.

Still, Belle’s father thinks he can save the company, but he needs his daughter to distract Alexander with her beauty and charm—which seem to be the only assets he thinks she brings to the company—until he can put his scheme into play.

Alexander isn’t all that handsome, but there’s something about him that awakens Belle’s lust: he’s a little bit dangerous and a whole lot mysterious. Make no mistake; he will take Half Moon Herbals if he doesn’t get his money. However, Belle may have something else that he wants—something that could break an old curse and return him to normal.

The Beast’s Redemption brings a different spin on the traditional beauty and the beast story. It may not be an original premise, but it’s still a decent read. It’s highly erotic and sexy, but it’s also sweet and mushy, which will satisfy all of you romance junkies out there.

Belle seems to be an intelligent woman, which made me wonder why the sex scenes happen so quickly. I find it hard to believe that men and women really have so little self-control that they would stop an elevator in the middle of the day and go at it like animals in heat—especially with someone they just met. Not only that, but sex fantasies involving an elevator are just so clichéd.

Alexander is too possessive for my taste—and that kept my warning bells clanging. He’s the type of man who might turn abusive once he has a woman under his thumb. He’s also always ready to knock another man’s teeth out for looking at Belle, making him appear too jealous with little self-confidence—not attractive traits in a man.

Though The Beast’s Redemption isn’t very realistic, it’s still a well-written erotic romance, with enough plot and mystery to keep readers interested. There’s more to the story than just the clichéd sex scenes, and that’s what saved it from being one of those e-books that I’d recommend skipping—unless, of course, you’re just interested in the sex scenes and don’t care about the plot. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good read.

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