A Killing Season Review
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Brother Thomas and Prioress Eleanor of Tyndale arrive at the keep of Baron Herbert just in time to witness his heir, Gervase, tumbling out of one of the upper windows—a tumble that kills him. It looks like nothing more than a drunken man stumbling to an accidental death—but is that really what happened?

Baron Herbert has garnered some seriously bad luck over the years. Before Gervase, his firstborn son drowned, and the castle’s priest died. Now his youngest son, Umfrey, hides out in the chapel, praying that God will spare him from the fate of his brothers. None of Baron Herbert’s sons are worthy of taking the throne after his death, and he worries that he’s committed some grave sin that has brought the wrath of God down on his head.

After a few cold days in the castle, Prioress Eleanor begins to wonder if the devil has truly taken over the place. Baron Herbert hides from his family while Lady Margaret shamelessly flirts with Eleanor’s brother, Hugh of Wynethorpe—and Eleanor herself starts lusting after the Baron’s nephew.

Eleanor races to figure it all out before anyone else dies—and before the keep’s inhabitants sink deeper into sin.

A Killing Season is a unique mystery, set back in medieval times, when people believed that God punished them for their sins and the devil and his minions walked about, searching for those with weak faith to lead astray. It’s a time of superstition and no tolerance for sinners.

Though Prioress Eleanor believes that a person’s sins can bring them undesired consequences, she also believes in forgiveness and showing compassion to those who are weak in the flesh. This alone makes her a likable and commendable heroine—and her open mind and willingness to look beyond superstitious beliefs makes her a venerable medieval amateur sleuth.

With a dark and menacing tone, A Killing Season will draws you into a deep mystery that’s riddled with clues and embroiled in jealousy and greed. An excellent crime novel contains many suspects and conceivable motives—and A Killing Season provides plenty of both, which will keep you thoroughly tangled up in the plot as you try to solve the unexplained deaths along with Prioress Eleanor.

Had your fill of modern-day crime novels for a while? Then give A Killing Season a try for a refreshing change of pace.

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