Sacred Evil Review
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After he slaughtered his last victim in London, some believe that Jack the Ripper sailed to the United States and continued there. An American, Carrie Brown, is considered to be his last true victim before he disappeared. Now, over a hundred years later, Jack is back. Amateur actress Virginia Rockfordís life is cut short in a dark alley by a killer wearing a black cape and a stovepipe hat and carrying a medical bag.

Though the homicide appears to be the work of Jack the Ripper, Detective Jude Crosby isnít about to believe that the ghost of the infamous serial killer is recreating his kills. In all likelihood, itís a copycat killer or someone whoís way too fascinated with the manís morbid history.

Whitney Tremont, an agent with the special FBI unit Krewe of Hunters, arrives in Manhattan ahead of the team to set up at Blair House, which sits next door to a cemetery where Jack the Ripper is rumored to be buried (though he called himself Jonathan Black in the USA). There, sheís visited by female apparitions in period dress and a ghost dog desperately trying to tell her something.

Sacred Evil blends true crime history with a beguiling romanceóall cocooned within a paranormal plot. Every hair will stand up on your skin as young women are stalked by a killer from the past. As the night closes in on each victim, youíll feel the chills right down to your bones, and youíll be looking over your shoulder at every odd sound behind you.

Though his mind isnít open to what he canít see or touch, Detective Jude Crosby is a strong, dependable, and patient investigator. His desire to find a victimís killeróeven the unclaimed John and Jane Doesóis admirable. Even though she feels as though Jude thinks sheís a weirdo, Whitney remains equally patient as she works to bring murder victims some justice.

With its sinister atmosphere mixed with a sprinkle of chills and a dusting of romantic suspense, Sacred Evil is the perfect escape into the dark world of the paranormal. Only Heather Graham can weave the supernatural into a plot while, at the same time, making it all come together in a plausible way. Iím already looking forward to the next book in the Krewe of Hunters series from this talented author.

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