After Midnight Review
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Once upon a time, Isabeau Montgomery played the piano. A child prodigy, she only needed to hear the music once to play it flawlessly. But she hasnít played the piano since a car accident took her motherís life and left Isabeauís hand crushed and scarred. Now Isabeau owns a bar in New York. She has no intention of ever touching a piano again until Noah Clark walks in and the music comes to life once more.

Noah Clark was once the lead singer of Black Phoenix, a successful rock band, but one too many parties and an addiction to alcohol pretty much killed his career. Now, with his addiction under control and a more mature mindset, heís looking for a place to record a comeback album. His search leads him to New York, where he falls under Isabeauís spell.

As Noah and Isabeau fall in love, their individual, tragic pasts threaten to rip them apart. Music may be the only thing that can heal both of their hearts and give them a second chance at happinessóbut someone with deep-seated hatred isnít about to let that happen.

Itís been a while since Iíve truly enjoyed a contemporary romance. After Midnight is an excellent choice, reminding me that a story can be based in realityówith just a hint of suspenseówhile still engaging the reader.

Isabeau is a strong, independent woman who has risen above tragedy and moved forward in her life, finding a small measure of happiness after putting aside her music. Youíll admire her strength and feel her pain as the story progresses. Noah will also earn your admiration as he falls for more than just a pretty face. He fights to bring Isabeau out of her shell while showing maturity so rare in the rock music business.

Emotions run deep in this well-written romance. Youíll feel the charactersí anguish as well as their joy and triumphs when Noah and Isabeau break through impossible obstacles that threaten their happiness. This is romance in 3D!

With its unforgettable characters and its tragic, endearing plot, After Midnight will linger in your mind like the haunting refrain of classical piano music long after you finish reading the last page. Sarah Grimm is an author to watch for in the future. Donít miss this enjoyable romance.

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