Cursed to Kill Review
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Author Claire Ashgrove’s Cursed to Kill, the first book in the Inherited Damnation series, opens with the handsome Cian searching fruitlessly for a rare book. Cian turns out to be much older than he looks and much more dangerous, too—two facts that become clear quickly and unobtrusively, without long explanation.

The author has a pleasingly natural way with descriptions, explanation, and the revealing of facts, making this mysterious mix of modern-day America and Celtic legend read very smoothly. Hints of mystery and magic are delicately stripped from an illusion of normalcy, just as dark, lacy clothing is stripped from the beautiful Miranda. But love is a dangerous thing for the son of an incubus—and even more dangerous for the one he loves.

Miranda and Cian have a history together. Everyone thought their relationship would last, until Cian walked out—no explanation, no apology. They’ve avoided each other ever since, but when Miranda finds something that Cian needs, it seems he might just be a sickness from which she can’t recover.

If Miranda seems a little too easily persuaded—into bed and into adventure—it’s because there are memories that drive her. And if Cian’s siblings seem just a little too powerful, with too much story still to tell, that’s okay, too, because this is just the first in a whole series of books.

Celtic ritual, priests, and magic come together with questions neatly answered, history divulged, and hope restored by the end of the tale. Miranda demonstrates hidden strengths to redeem both herself and the one she loves, leaving the reader feeling satisfied, having met a strong heroine.

If you’re drinking a coffee while reading this tale, you’ll soon find the cup going cold as the pages turn and the story warms up. Authentically researched and convincingly told, with a pleasing mix of magic and lust, dangerous depths and sensuous heights, Cursed to Kill will thrill you through a long lunch break or a night at home and leave you wanting to believe in magic.

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