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In the final pages of Matched, the first book in author Ally Condie’s Matched series, the Society sends Ky to the Outer Provinces and relocates Cassia and her family to the Farmlands. Xander remains in the Borough, hoping that his match, Cassia, will rethink her choices and return to him.

Cassia bides her time, waiting for a chance to escape and search for Ky. When opportunity strikes, she takes it, only to discover that Ky has already left the Outer Provinces.

Ky knows that if he doesn’t escape soon, he’ll die. The Society sends Aberrations like him to the Outer Provinces to draw out the enemy. Most of his kind rarely make it to the end of the six-month period, when they’re allowed to return to the Society as members. Ky decides to escape into the canyons, where death can be just as imminent.

Cassia follows Ky into the canyons, where she learns of the Resistance and a chance to fight back and be free to make her own choices. What she discovers there shocks her to her very core, making her even more determined to strike back at the Society.

As the story unfolds, secrecy abounds—and Cassia wonders whom she can trust. Even Ky comes under suspicion, adding a nervous edge to the plot. The Resistance is also an unknown factor, adding to the mysteriousness of the canyons. You’ll be right there with Cassia, worried and uncertain, but with a sense of excitement throughout the entire story.

While Matched was a love story, Crossed takes readers on an adventure full of treachery and suspense. Ky and Cassia are shoved into a situation that will make or break their relationship, but both show strength and endurance in the face of horrific obstacles, making them worthy of a happy ending---and worthy of each other.

The world of the canyons comes vividly to life as Ms. Condie paints a picture of beauty that’s fraught with danger. The landscape of the canyons is as wild and untamed as the Society is structured and ordered, bringing to the forefront the many contrasts between them. It raises the question which one you’d choose: the treacherous but free, or the safe but imprisoned?

Young love, suspense, secrets, and danger will pull you deeply into Crossed and keeps you captivated page after page. Wild, fast-paced, and epic, it should satisfy minds that are hungry for an out-of-this-world escape and leave you drooling for more.

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