Wife by Wednesday Review
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In order to keep his inheritance and title, Blake Harrison needs to find a wife before his thirty-sixth birthday. He then has to remain married for one year before his fatherís will is executed. He doesnít want an emotional attachment thatíll be hard to get rid of when the year ends, so he hires Sam Elliot to set him up with a perfect match who will understand that itís a marriage of business and nothing more.

Samantha Elliot runs a matchmaking business for wealthy men and women who are looking for a life plan without the hassle of love. Still, Samantha didnít think that sheíd end up in a marriage of convenienceóbut Blake makes her an offer she canít refuse.

When they become Lord and Lady Harrison, the Duke and Duchess of Albany, all the worldís eyes are upon them, which didnít surprise them at all. What does surprise them is the ease with which the ability to act as if theyíre in love comes to them. Will either one of them be able to leave the marriage with a whole heart?

A plot involving a business-only marriage is nothing new in the romance genre, but an authorís ability to take an overused theme and make it interesting is what keeps the theme alive. Catherine Bybee has done just that with Wife by Wednesday, putting a noble spin on the reasons why her hero and heroine need to enter into a marriage contract.

Samantha is a tough heroine, but sheís also sweet and down-to-earthóand youíll immediately like because sheís not impressed with wealth. Blake is a bit on the snooty sideóespecially when it comes to the way his wife dressesóbut he is British royalty, and a man in his position will be judged by the way his wife appears in public. Heís true to his character, so I can forgive him, especially since heís not cruel with his demands.

Wife by Wednesday is a highly sensual and sweet romance. It reminded me why so many women love to read these types of stories. Itís a fantasy that, sadly, can only be lived by reading a book. In my experience, men just arenít that attentive in real lifeóand they most definitely donít bother with silly notions like a one-month anniversary, as Blake does here. So, yeah, itís a little unrealistic, but thatís okay. It works for this novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed Wife by Wednesday. Itís one of the few romances that actually left me with a warm, happy feeling, reminding me that sometimes a little romance is a good thing.

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