Seducing the Sheriff
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Pages: 52
Goes Well With: roast beef, potato salad, a biscuit, and a beverage of your choice

Sheriff Jared Buchannon prides himself on bringing in every outlaw who dares to cross into his territory. However, he hasn’t been able to capture Lucius Crane, the bank robber who tore through his town and emptied out the bank of Brazos Point. After six days of searching, the sheriff decides to do the only thing he can do: kidnap Lucius Crane’s sister.

Adriana Sheer arrived in Brazos Point five months ago with no money, no travel bag, and no family to meet her. She gained employment at Lady Cornelia’s Saloon as a dancing girl—not the most decent of professions for a young lady, but she has to survive somehow. Her only desires are to leave her past behind and to seduce the sheriff. When he kidnaps her, she thinks that he might want her as badly as she wants him—but then he drops her brother’s name between them.

Seducing the Sheriff is a fun and sexy little romp that’s surprisingly well-rounded for such a short read. Author Shannon Robinson manages to weave in important background information while presenting it in an interesting way that doesn’t bog down the story.

Adriana is an extremely bold woman for the time period, but it works for the purposes of this story. She does, however, come across as kind of slutty, which might turn off some readers. Sheriff Buchannon, on the other hand, shows more restraint in his desires, making him seem a little more honorable. Still, they’re both good, solid characters in this highly erotic short read.

If you’re looking for an escape during your lunch hour, Seducing the Sheriff delivers with this sensually engaging escapade. Just be careful, or you might get so lost in the story that you’ll miss the end of your lunch break and end up getting back to work late.

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