Season of Love Review
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When Holly Marcum tries on an antebellum dress for the costume party that her Aunt Jessie insists on throwing for her birthday, she’s hurled back in time to the year 1852, in Charleston, South Carolina. Then she’s promptly accused of stealing the dress by the dress store’s handsome owner, Jeremiah Devereaux. Not sure exactly what’s going on, Holly knows that she needs to find her Aunt Jessie, but nothing about the city is familiar, and she fears that she may be stuck in the past forever.

All Jeremiah wants is for Ms. Marcum to leave—no matter how attracted to her he may be—but his sister insists on doing their Christian duty and taking care of Holly until she’s able to leave on her own. Jeremiah doesn’t trust women, especially one that might be a thief—and he definitely doesn’t want her to steal his heart. For the moment, though, he’s stuck with her—and the longer she stays, the more he wants her.

I love a good time travel romance, and author Leanne Tyler has penned a highly entertaining one with Season of Love. Even though it’s hard to make time travel sound plausible, the author does a great job bringing it all together and making it seem entirely possible with the use of antique material.

Meanwhile, the chemistry between Holly and Jeremiah smolders on the page until you’ll be positive that it’s about to catch fire—yet they still remain true to the customs of the time period and try not to cause a scandal. The hero and heroine make Season of Love a true romance in the traditional sense—utterly wholesome and sweet with a sensual edge.

As you read Season of Love, the words will flow off the page and capture your attention page after page, chapter after chapter. This absorbing story makes reading a real treat that you don’t always get from e-book authors. So do yourself a favor and download Season of Love to enjoy over the holidays.

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