Dead Manís Grip Review
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Peter James is one of my favorite authors. His novels are fast-paced, always captivating, and unpredictable. His latest novel, Dead Manís Grip, grabs hold with all three and takes readers on an express ride that ends in a tailspin.

On his way to Brighton University for a class, a young man riding a bicycle is killed in a horrific accident. A young mother whoíd had too much to drink the night before narrowly misses the bicyclist and plows into a building. Then a white van flees the scene after knocking the student into the path of a truck loaded down with merchandise. Unfortunately for the three people involved in the incident, the student turns out to be the son of the daughter of a Mafia leader.

Carly Chase has been raising her son since the accidental death of her husband five years ago, but now she faces charges of driving under the influence and possibly a more serious charge of manslaughter by vehicle. And if thatís not enough, she finds herself the target of an irrational bid to make her suffer for the death of the student.

When those involved in the incident start turning up tortured and murdered, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace knows whoís responsible, but he needs to find the hired killer before he takes his last victim.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is tenacious and unstoppable when he gets hold of a case, making him one of my favorite literary crime fighters. He also has a complicated personal life, which rounds out his character perfectly. His personal life is every bit as interesting as his professional life, so readers will never be bored or feel bogged down by stuff that happens outside the thriller.

Carly Chase is an everyday woman who seems to spend most of the time complaining about life going sour. Still, her attitude wonít get on your nerves because youíve probably had the same feelings and thoughts. You can definitely relate to this character because everyone has those times in their lives. Despite her state of mind, she still comes across as a compassionate and likable woman.

The blend of psychological suspense and detective work in Dead Manís Grip will keep you hanging off the edge of your seat. As the plot unfolds, youíll marvel at the way each individual thinks and what drives them. Swift-moving and captivating from start to finish, itís a novel that will keep you up all night.

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