A Crimson Warning (A Lady Emily Mystery) Review
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As Lady Emily Hargreaves plans to join the Women’s Liberal Federation and fight to win the vote for women, her hometown of Mayfair is upset by red paint splashed on the doorsteps of London society’s elite. Soon after, a scandalous secret is revealed within the household. Blackmail and murder follow not far behind, placing fear in everyone’s hearts as they scramble to hide the most clandestine parts of their lives.

Working together with her husband Colin, an agent of the Crown, Emily rushes to save reputations—and lives. Their investigation leads them to the slums of London—where the misfortunate peck out a living under harsh conditions—and back to the scrutiny of those who live within their own social circle.

As all of London society holds its breath, they await the next crimson warning. Most pray that their secrets stay buried, while others come forward and admit their sins—and still others flaunt their eccentric lifestyles. Either way, no one is safe as a devious mind plots to reveal all.

I just adore Lady Emily Hargreaves! She’s so fresh and fun in a time when such traits were unbecoming in a woman—yet she never crosses the line of true crassness. Her adventures are daring—and sometimes fun—but they’re also filled with the thrill of danger. And I love that her husband, Colin, allows her to be herself with very little censorship, which makes him an unlikely male of his time but a refreshing and likable character.

A Crimson Warning draws out the true face of a society that’s caught up in appearances. Most everyone has dark secrets, and no standing in the social order can hide them for long. Wrap this around a chilling murder mystery, and you have a plot so filled with intrigue and suspense that it’s impossible to set it aside, even for a few seconds.

If you’re looking to get lost in the mystery of another time period, then A Crimson Warning is the perfect choice. You’ll get a precocious heroine, a suspenseful storyline, and even an education in the social atmosphere of historical London. It’s not to be missed.

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