Savanna’s Gift
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Pages: 83
Goes Well With: gingerbread man cookies and eggnog

Christmas is a time for exchanging gifts with the people we care for; sometimes those gifts can be as simple as a new piece of jewelry (Honey, if you’re reading this: hint, hint), but other times the gift is a bit more complex.

In Savanna’s Gift, we meet Savanna Holt, a woman who tried running from her problems, only to find herself forced to face them one Christmas Eve. Years ago, she was engaged to a man named Luke Nelson, a co-worker at the posh ski resort where she worked. Savanna broke Luke’s heart by breaking up with him over the phone and then—if you can imagine—FedExing the ring back to him. She moved to Boston to follow her dream of becoming a nurse, while Luke stayed in Oregon and rose to the level of resort manager.

Flashing forward to the present day, Savanna has traveled back to the resort for what was supposed to be a one-night stay—but a blizzard has other plans for her. She spends the bulk of the story alternately trying to avoid Luke and corner him so she can apologize. Will Luke accept her gift of apology, and will the couple give in to the attraction that is obviously still between them?

Savanna’s Gift is a very nice little story—a perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. As with any short novel, the characterization is a bit thin, and the plot moves pretty quickly once Savanna actually gets to the resort. Still, I liked how the author weaves Christmas into the plot; it really helps set the holiday mood.

There is a strong undercurrent of Christianity running through the book, though it isn’t heavy-handed at all. Unlike some other “Christian” themed books I’ve read, the spiritual aspect actually adds to the plot. I could really believe that Luke and Savanna are two people with strong convictions and faith, who found themselves praying in times of trouble, when in need of comfort. I could definitely relate.

It’s certainly a romantic novel, although it’s not quite what one would expect of a “romance” in the modern sense of the word. I’m not sure I’ve read a more chaste 80 pages, but I can honestly say that I didn’t miss having any love scenes. Sometimes, less is more.

All in all I enjoyed Savanna’s Gift, and I’d probably read it again. A sweet and sentimental book, it would be a great present under the tree for anyone.

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