Murder Season Review
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Detective Lena Gamble has had her share of tough cases, but none have been tougher than a double murder at Club 3 AM—a club known for the A-list Hollywood celebrities who frequent it. Not only is the club’s owner, Johnny Bosco, found dead, but so is Jacob Gant, a man who was recently acquitted of murdering his sixteen-year-old neighbor.

Everyone immediately suspects that the anger of a grieving father got the best of him. As far as the rest of the department is concerned, Gant got what was coming to him, and Bosco had the misfortune of getting in the way. But little inconsistencies start to nag at Lena, and she can’t let it go until she finds the truth.

Murder season has officially opened, and Lena is in danger of becoming a scapegoat if the high-profile case takes a nosedive—and it might just cost her more than just the loss of her job.

With a gritty heroine and a case that swoops and twists all over the place, Murder Season takes readers on a thrill ride full of hairpin turns and unexpected obstacles. All of the suspects look equally guilty, and the investigation will challenge your mind while keeping you hooked on the compelling crime story.

Lena Gamble works for the victim, and she pays no attention to office politics, making her extremely likable. She goes for the throat no matter whose it may be. She gets in the tight spaces and uncovers damaging proof—and she isn’t afraid to drag it into the light for all to see. She’s one heck of a strong character, and I look forward to seeing more of her.

Murder Season will sweep through your reading hours like a raging, out of control forest fire. It roars with suspense and growls with danger—and the unexpected and clever conclusion will leave you with your mouth hanging open in shock. You might just need to be put on oxygen after reading this one.

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